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​​After a journey spanning 32 hours from Jakarta via Dubai and Toronto, our new family arrived to a warm welcome from family members and IRG members on Wednesday evening. The family has moved into their new home in the Ogilvie Road area. Sincere  appreciation to Rothwellers who helped in a variety of ways to make this sponsorship happen and have been very involved in helping the family settle and are doing amazingly well embracing Canadian traditions.

HELPING WITH FURNITURE (HWF) - HWF started up in 2005 when two women observed that many families in Ottawa struggle due to lack of basic furnishings such as beds to sleep in or tables to eat at. The founders began by assisting families with a few furnishings. HWF grew such that in 2017, it furnished five homes each week with a 100% volunteer team. 
In addition to providing furnishings for the Interchurch Refugee Group’s latest family, HWF also assists Canadians or permanent residents who have been displaced by domestic violence and house fires that have required new beginnings in new homes. Those helped are usually referred by community services agencies. 
HWF is a charity registered with Revenue Canada and operates from a small warehouse on Canotek. For more information, visit the website:
How can you help? Financial donations are always gratefully received. If you have home furnishings that are in good condition but which you can no longer use, HWF may be able to put such furnishings in the home of families in need. 
Please contact Cam Bowes at 613-680-3917 or at

Last family is doing very well 

A Note of Gratitude – February 28, 2017 the Interchurch Refugee Group completed the 1-year sponsorship of a Syrian family of 6. Our congregation played an integral role in supporting this family, and Abdulrahman, the father of the family, asked for the opportunity to express his appreciation. Here are his words of thanks:  
“After leaving my country of origin and settling in another country for three years, I was very worried about my children’s future. I finally felt that the doors of hope started to open for me and my family when Canadians sponsored us. In Ottawa, we started a brand new life with brand new hopes when we met our group members for the first time. They helped us from the first step. They helped us settle and bring back smiles to our children, gave us strength and helped us plan our children’s future. It’s very hard to find words to express our appreciation. My family and I would like to thank the group members and volunteers from the bottom of our hearts for their precious help. Thank you very much.”​

Update October 30th, 2017

Everyone is doing well and the family is now self-sufficient. Nermen's sister, brother-in-law and children moved into a townhouse nearby—they are very thankful to have family nearby. The children are approximately the same age and enjoy playing together. Thank you for all your support.