The Rothwell Manual is presently being worked on. Members of the congregation are asked to document various procedures of events they are involved in. Thank you.

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Procedures for Cancellation of a Sunday Service  
In the past, although rare, a Sunday service has had to be cancelled. While such cancellations have been due to severe weather, circumstances such as a fire, inadequate heating or lighting, major water problems, etc. could have serious implications as well. This notice is intended to define the procedures to be followed to decide upon, then implement and communicate any such cancellation to the Congregation.

Any decision to cancel, or not, must take into account the safety and well-being of everyone .

The Chair of Council, upon being informed of a particular problem regarding the building, parking lot, access roads, etc shall obtain further details from: David or Gay Elliott. Lise Shewchenko, Willis Hebb, Ed MacIvor, Richard Ballhorn, Urbaine Some

Should the Chair of Council be unavailable, the responsibility then falls to the Vice-Chair, after which to any member of Council. This principle shall apply to all aspects of this document.

The current Minister has advised Council that he does not want the sole responsibility of deciding on a cancellation. Thus the responsibility falls to the Chair, who after consulting with one of the foregoing persons (if possible) who has knowledge of the situation, as well as the Minister, will make the decision.

To cancel, as well as not to cancel:

  • Chair of Council shall contact the Chair of Congregational Life who will implement the "telephone tree" as well as advising Evelyn Budd (Chair of Communications)  regarding RUC's website/Facebook page and Eva Jarman (a Volunteer Secretarial Assistant)  to install a temporary message on the telephone answering machine. Eva, as well as the Chair and Vice-Chair has the required password.
  • Chair of Council will advise Sunday School Co-ordinator of any cancellation.

The printed version of the Rothwell Annual Report with financial information and the Rothwell United Church Constitution are available in the church office for members of Rothwell United Church.