Sunday Club

​A FUN and CREATIVE program. Kids love it!

Kindergarten to grade 6 students participate in a new teaching method called the rotational workshop model from September to the first Sunday in June. Over the course of three to six weeks, children rotate through three separate spaces, each dedicated to a a different activity like art, music, drama, games, puppetry, storytelling, and technology.

This multi-modal approach helps students develop a lasting memory of both the biblical story being taught and its associated moral concepts. We receive rave review from kids who loved the diverse activities. (Some, apparently, even complain when they have to miss church!)

New classroom volunteers find the short teaching cycles painless and the experience of being in the classroom with their child priceless.

Students attending the 7-ups (grades 7 and up) program also benefit from volunteer energy and the changes to the curricula where they focus on enriching and expanding Rothwell’s teenage ministry.

Children 3 and under are welcomed to a space just down the hall to the right when entering the front doors of the church. Lots of toys as well as activities such as songs, stories, and crafts.

The infusion of new volunteers and ideas into the youth ministry, and the wonderful changes that have resulted, affirm the spiritual concept voiced by actor and director Leonard Nimoy: “The miracle is this—the more we share, the more we have.”

To that end, Rothwell’s Sunday Club continues to grow towards a cooperative structure where all parents share their time and talents and provide our children with a rich and stimulating Christian education.

We ask parents to sign up for at least one volunteer project, administrative duty, or teaching cycle. Together, we can make Rothwell’s Sunday Club program even better! 

During Lent this past year the children of Rothwell during Lent focused on the refugees - such as we read about in the Bible.

The audio recording can be accessed by clicking here.  

The manuscript of the presentation— "Jesus was once a refugee"  which was most impressing follows here:

Narrator: After the Wise Men left Bethlehem, an angel appeared to Joseph and told him to take Mary and baby Jesus to Egypt where they would be safe from King Herod. We are now going to visit some officials in an office in first century Egypt.
(Six officials are seated at a desk covered with papers, discussing refugee cases in an office in Egypt. The plot thickens!) 

Wonderful presentation kids. Thank you!