The New Social Committee

Promoting fellowship and tasty community relationships

In the fall of 2016, pumpkin pies “that taste like your mother’s” were sold.  The success of this project inspired a group of women from the congregation to “test the market” to make pies on a larger scale. The money raised would be used to supplement church expenses as well as to provide the taste of “homemade” to the public.  The response has been overwhelming.
Advertising is by word of mouth and demand for these homemade mouth-watering treats continue to grow.   Favourites include: chicken, beef, cherry, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry, apple and raisin.

One major purchase was that of a chest freezer and the remainder of the money has been used to promote social activities that included  a Fun Day and Bean Supper, Linger Lunch with an Anniversary cake, Black History Month Celebration, Shrove Tuesday, AGM refreshments, Good Friday Potluck Lunch, Easter Breakfast, Thanksgiving Linger Lunch, and the Christmas Potluck Lunch.