U.C.W. Purpose: “To unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the Church, and to provide a medium through which we may express our loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service”. 

Ladies within our congregation use to meet either on the second Wednesday afternoon and /or on the third Tuesday evening of each month.  Ladies would take turns organizing a program and devotion for the month, inspired by the season, scripture reading, or an area of special interest / concern.  All ladies of the congregation were welcome to attend any of our meetings and activities for fellowship and fun. 

However, in the fall of 2017 discussions started to take place about our dwindling numbers of members, with no new members coming forward, and no one to organize programs or devotionals.  In addition, several key members of our U.C.W. were either unable to attend, had moved away or passed away.  We no longer had a UCW executive, and we were down to one unit of ladies meeting on Tuesday evening.  The ladies decided it was time to consider closing Rothwell U.C.W. 
In May 2018 a luncheon was held at the Perkins restaurant and we reminisced about old times, shared pictures and stories, and discussed what should be done.  A brief meeting was conducted to explain the process of closing the Rothwell UCW group.  It was with regret, but with the declining enrolment related to age and illnesses, the decision was made to close effective December 31, 2018.  Discussion followed re: Budget for 2018 for outreach programs and remaining money.

Motions were made and passed to dispense with the proceeds from our 2017 Spring Plant Sale / White Elephant Sale, and a Christmas Bake & Craft Bazaar.  Money was dispensed to our outreach programs such as Mission and Service, Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard,  Ottawa Mission, Ottawa Inner-city Ministries, Laundry Co-op, Cornerstone Housing for Women, Centre 507, just to name a few.  The balance of our funds were directed to the Rothwell United Church Roofing Project.

On Sunday, November 18, 2018, during our worship service, the ladies of Rothwell U.C.W. were recognized for the over 50 years of service and faithful devotion.
We would like to acknowledge that all of our accomplishments in those 50 + years was with the continued support of the congregation, our husbands and families, and we want to thank you all for your donations of food, time and talents.  Four of the former U.C.W. ladies are the organizing team for the Social Committee at Rothwell, so our U.C.W. purpose will continue to be fulfill in the years to come.  We are truly blessed with all of the things that God has provided, and continues to provide.

Submitted by Nancy Hauley UCW treasurer (Jan 8/19)

Photo taken approximately 2016