​A message from the F&P Committee: Summer holiday time is fast approaching and with that comes a “quieter time” in terms of attendance here at Rothwell United. During this period we continue to try and meet our expenses and the challenging maintenance needs of our small but busy church.
If you are planning some time away this summer we would like to offer a couple of suggestions so that your gifts and offerings reach their deserving destinations without interruption.

  • First—Please consider Pre-Authorized Remittances—Your generous offerings are automatically transferred monthly from your authorized bank account and gratefully received at Rothwell. It’s easy and convenient. Please see Keith Findley to apply.
  • Second—Post-dated cheques — Simply place a series of post-dated cheques in your givings envelope and Trina, our valued church administrator, will ensure they get processed on the date you prescribe. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

Fellowship Help We need volunteers for Fellowship time for the summer months.  A sign- up sheet is posted beside the coffee. Please see Gay Elliott for more information.

The Flower Committee desperately needs another flower lover to join our committee. Only one meeting a year! Please contact Myrna Deacon for information at 613-749-0363.

Thank you to Fran Wood for her many years on the Flower committee. We appreciate her artistic contribution to the flowers that have adorned the Sanctuary.

The flowers June 4th are for Dave and Gay Elliott for all the work they do around the church, and for the work they do for their friends.  Thank you.  Much love from Eva

Interchurch Refugee Group (IRG) 

The IRG thanks everyone who supports it financially or in other ways. In the Fall of 2017, the IRG will begin to look at sponsoring another family. Meanwhile, the Syrian family sponsored by the IRG continues to settle in well. They are expecting their 5th child in December. For further information on IRG, please send email to  cam.bowes@yahoo.ca. Volunteers are always welcome.

Parking Rentals: Please help us spread the word to our neighbours and employees who work in the area. Monthly parking is available in our parking lot for the cost of $45.00 per month.  Interested people should call the church office at 613-746-0820 for more information.

Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard Updated List We collect food every week to feed hungry people in our area. The items most needed are:  cash, canned goods  (canned fruit , chick peas, lentils in demand)   pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, peanut butter, flour, sugar, rice, baby food and diapers, personal hygiene items.

Pastoral Care Team—Please contact any member of the team if you or someone you know has a pastoral need. We care. We can be identified by the green name tags and heart symbol. Please speak to us or call us for a visit. Coordinators: Joanne McCrostie – 613-746-3757 and Marg Griffiths at 613-745-7500.

Emergency Contact—If you needed emergency care while at church, who should we call to notify? To answer this question, we are asking each person, who wishes, to give the office the name and phone number of their emergency contact. You can call the office at 613-746-0820 or email at Rothwellunited@rogers.com. Your information will be kept confidential.

A message from the F&P Committee re United Way — For those who donate to the United Way Campaign it is possible to earmark funds for Rothwell United Church.  On your contribution sheet, under section C-Other Canadian Registered Charities simply enter Rothwell United Church with our Business Number 11912 5912 RR 0001 when making your donation. Thank you to everyone that has done this in the past.. MORE

No Scents makes Good Sense— Please be aware that others may suffer allergies or sensitivities to fragrances found in perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants, creams and many other personal grooming products.